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Toil Arising From Poor Alerting Practices

This white paper describes the ways in which toil arises for engineering teams from alerting practices, and goes on to describe ways in which you can reduce them.

Once your product is already in production, quality assurance and software testing won’t help you respond to incidents. By not having the right alerts in place, you are creating a constant source of toil for engineers. With Plumbr real-user monitoring and application performance monitoring, you can provide engineers with actionable information to solve problems quickly and allocate resources intelligently. With our eBook, we provide you will all the advice you need to:

  • Create alerts based on stronger user-centric signals

  • Use application data to discover degrading user experiences before the customer does

  • Identify the fixes which deliver the biggest return to improve triage and application performance

With real-user monitoring and application performance monitoring, you can reduce toil by giving your DevOps team information like whether a problem is user-centric, the line of code responsible, and the overall impact of that error.