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Signal vs Noise: Identifying which fixes are important and impactful.

Web applications contain errors. We can say this with certainty.

DevOps teams pride themselves on frequent releases. Despite all the quality checks though, your application will always have errors. The good news though is that you don’t need to find and fix all of the. Plumbr monitor 1000s of deployments worldwide for application performance and real-user monitoring, and took that data to discover which errors need to be fixed in order to deliver the biggest returns in performance. Read more to find out why we think:

  • Your application will always have errors
  • Not all errors need to be fixed
  • Fixing only up to 3 errors will return major benefits in experience

With real-user monitoring, you are able to identify and fix the small number of errors that have a disproportionate impact on performance. We can give you the info you need to help your engineering team make major improvements to your software.