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Long Term Health Of Web Applications

Read about three features of Plumbr that can help your organizations realize the long term benefits of performance and how to keep applications fast and reliable.

Optimizing the performance of your application one-time is hard. Maintaining the application performance above the baseline consistently is harder. This white paper offers you a few general tips and best practices to stay on top of web application performance goals. These recommendations are made in the context of using Plumbr, a real user/application monitoring software.

Read our white paper discover the benefits.

  • Monthly reporting helps to create dynamic baselines for consistent performance improvements.
  • Alerting thresholds based on your current business needs. Adjust to your levels and keep it changing as Plumbr gets you more reliable and quicker.
  • Get a complete view of your Runtime application architecture based on the distributed traces that Plumbr tracks from the real user monitoring and application monitoring.

Plumbr is a real user monitoring tool that helps make availability and performance transparent to engineers. Plumbr builds on data that it collects from real usage. It is, therefore, the most accurate reflection of what a user experiences when interacting with web applications. Plumbr monitoring works irrespective of which tech stack powers your application. Gain critical visibility into the entire user journey and understand what users experience. Choose Plumbr to give your engineers transparency like never before.