Which cookies does Plumbr use?

In order to monitor user interactions and to offer to you the functionality of our product, Plumbr agents create cookies on the devices of the end users of the monitored web applications. Here’s a description of these cookies and how they work:

Cookie name Purpose When is it removed Cookie type and expiration
Tracks user sessions so that we would know how many user sessions the monitored application has.
Cookie name can be unique per application.
Persistent cookie, expiration period 30 minutes.
plumbr_user_tracker Links together user interactions from the same user so that we would know how many unique users interact with the monitored application. Persistent cookie, expiration period 10 years
plumbr-supported Used for checking if the browser supports cookies. Deleted right after cookie validation is finished. Session cookie
plumbr-tx-XXXXX Temporarily stores Plumbr transaction identifier, while Plumbr javascript loads. As soon as the Plumbr javascript code loads. Session cookie
plmbr.usr.key A fallback cookie used when the visitor’s browser’s local storage is disabled. Persistent cookie, expiration period 10 years

Note that the default Browser agent configuration does not retain any personal data as defined by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For more information, see How do we collect and process personal data.

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