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What is Plumbr?

Plumbr is offering products in software monitoring market. Plumbr Real User Monitoring (RUM) is designed to monitor and expose the experience of the users in terms of performance and availability. Plumbr Application Performance Monitoring (APM) will trace poor user experience down to bottlenecks and errors in the server-side source code using distributed tracing.

With Plumbr, you will gain the following:

  • Exposure to the performance and availability of particular application.
  • Early awareness via PagerDuty/Slack/JIRA/email alerts in situations where performance or availability degrades

If either the availability or performance need attention, Plumbr helps you to understand:

  • What functionality of the application is failing?
  • What are the errors causing failures for the most users?
  • What parts of the applications perform the worst?
  • Where are the worst bottlenecks frustrating end users the most?


As a result, the engineering teams will be equipped with the list of errors & bottlenecks in the application ranked by the number of users impacted & the time wasted.

With errors and bottlenecks ranked by their true impact to users, engineering teams can now focus on resolving the errors impacting the most users & bottlenecks wasting the most time.