What is Plumbr?

Plumbr is designed to monitor the user experience in web applications. The aspects Plumbr focuses are performance and availability of the application. To do so, Plumbr monitors every user interaction within the user interface.

Such interactions are called transactions in Plumbr lingo, exposing:

  • the application the user interacted with;
  • what the user did in the application;
  • the duration and outcome of the interaction;
  • the user performing the interaction;
  • the root cause for failure or slowness in case of unsuccessfully finishing transactions.

With the help of Plumbr, you can easily answer questions like the following:

  • How many unique users used my site yesterday? Who were they?
  • Which features in my application performed the worst?
  • How many users experienced failures on my site last week?
  • Which root causes have degraded the user experience the most today?