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What are user interactions?

User interaction is reflecting the real user experience after one interaction with the user interface. The interaction starts with an event generated by a real user via the UI in browser. Common types of such events are mouse clicks, touches and keyboard events, but Plumbr supports all other means of interacting with the browser.

Plumbr Browser Agent listens to all such user interactions. Only the interactions resulting in any server-side requests are considered relevant. All other interactions are ignored and never sent to Server to be reported. As a result of this, scrolls in static pages or clicks in empty areas are never registered as user interactions.

Every captured interaction is linked with any HTTP requests occurring because of the interaction.

If any of the requests returns with 40x or 50x series response, the interaction is flagged as failed, indicating that the end user did not accomplish what she intended.

All interactions are monitored for their duration as well. The duration of the interaction is calculated from the interaction in the browser (click/touch/…) until the last fired HTTP request returns its response to the browser.

Plumbr also keeps track of the user performing the interaction, the application in which the interaction was performed, and the functionality that the interaction consumed. This allows you to keep track of what the particular user was actually doing within the application.

Every transaction starting in a browser thus captures and exposes the following information:

  • The ID of the transaction
  • The ID of the user performing an interaction
  • The start and end timestamps of an interaction
  • The application to which an interaction belongs
  • The functionality of the application used
  • Whether the interaction was failed, stuck or successful