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Upgrading Plumbr Server

Plumbr Server update is based on building new Docker images and mounting the data to the newly built images. No data stored in the docker images is thus preserved, so you cannot expect any manual configuration changes made to existing docker machines to be preserved.

To upgrade Plumbr Server you need to go through the following steps.

  1. Download a new version of Plumbr Server distribution from Download Center.
  2. Extract downloaded archive on top of the existing plumbr-server folder replacing all existing files.
  3. Restart Docker Compose project by running “./launch.sh” from plumbr-server This will download all updated Docker images and then recreate all affected containers.
  4. After process completes, new version of Plumbr Server is now available at same URL as previously.

As a next step, the Plumbr Agents connecting to the Server need to be upgraded. You can do this independently of the Server update, but for consistency you need to eventually also upgrade the Agents.