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Underprovisioned Thread Pools

Plumbr Agent monitors thread pools embedded in the application to detect situations where submitted tasks/requests will end up waiting in queue for available executor. When a the wait time in such queue starts impacting the end user experience, an Under-provisioned Thread Pool root cause is registered. The root cause exposes the call stack from the thread waiting in the queue for Plumbr users.

ThreadPools Plumbr Java Agent is able to monitor:

  • ThreadPoolExecutor embedded in the Java SDK
  • org.apache.catalina.core.StandardThreadExecutor from Tomcat application service (configured through “tomcatThreadPool” Executor)

Under-provisioned thread pools are surfaced as a root cause in situations where the thread pool is not able to provide a free thread enough threads to cope with the incoming work load. This can be so either due to:

  • Work done by such threads is taking unusually long to complete. The solution for such cases is to optimize the code executed by the threads in the pool.
  • Amount of tasks/requests submitted to a pool is higher than usual. In such situations the solution is either in controlling or load balancing the load.
  • Last, but not least, situations where the thread pool configuration is not providing enough threads to match the regular load. In such situations the solution is as easy as increasing the number of threads in the pool configuration.