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Slow JDBC Calls

The Plumbr Agent monitors every JDBC Type 3 and Type 4 driver detected in the application. This means that Plumbr supports almost every database vendor exposing the data storage via JDBC, including but not limited to the most widely used MySQL, Oracle, Postgres and IBM DB2 databases.

The Agent instruments all the JDBC calls which connect to databases via StatementPrepared Statement and Callable Statement APIs. When a call via such an API starts affecting the end user experience, the offending query is listed as a root cause exposing the JDBC operation executed along with the call stack from the thread executing the query. In such a way, you get access to the root cause of expensive JDBC operations down to a single line in the source code responsible for executing such queries.

In order to reduce noise and get a prioritized list of expensive database operations, Plumbr groups expensive operations triggered by the same root cause together, allowing you to rank the expensive operations based on the number of times they are detected.