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Plumbr does not start

Are you sure? If you can double-check the following, we can be sure Plumbr indeed fails to launch:

First, your application standard output log should contain the Plumbr startup message, similar to the one below:

* Plumbr (15.03.4203) is attached.                         *
*                                                          *
* Plumbr agent is connected to the Plumbr Server.          *
* Open up https://app.plumbr.io to follow its progress. *

Second, if you log on to the app.plumbr.io, do you see a JVM reflecting the newly started process there?

If answers to the both questions were YES, then congratulations. You are actually up and running with Plumbr watching your back for memory leaks.

If the answer to any of the questions was NO, then could you double-check the installation guide – did you follow the steps tailored to your specific environment? If you indeed did do so, then you have stumbled upon a bug; let us know and we will sort it out.