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Plumbr Dashboard

The dashboard has a singular purpose: To provide a detailed overview of the availability and performance of each application (or API backend) that you’re responsible for. 

The Plumbr Dashboard serves as a single source of truth for all the applications in your portfolio. You can pin any application (or API) that is being monitored by Plumbr to the Dashboard. Click on the “➕” icon or use the “PIN…” buttons to add a card that summarizes the application availability and performance characteristics of any application (or API). 

When viewing the list of applications being monitored (app.plumbr.io/applications), you also have the option to toggle the ‘pin’ 📌 icon to pin or unpin a card from the Dashboard. 

Each card has a link called “See Details”. Clicking this will allow you to dive into the summary of the availability and performance of each application. 

Changing the date-time filter will also change the aggregate of the values displayed on the cards for each application. Whether you choose built-in time intervals or custom ones, the cards on the Plumbr Dashboard will reflect the metrics for your application from the corresponding time period. 

You also have the option to rearrange the cards on the Plumbr Dashboard. 

Another important facet is related to inviting team members to access Plumbr. You can share access to Plumbr data with others in your team or organization. The applications that you chose to permit someone to have access to will be pinned to their respective Plumbr Dashboard by default. 

When any application is successfully being monitored, the default screen shown to users is the Plumbr Dashboard. Using an account on Plumbr, you are at liberty to monitor as many applications (or API backends) as you want to. The Plumbr Dashboard allows you to pin the applications that you’re responsible for on your Dashboard. 

Please note: If you’re a trial user, the behaviour will be different in some cases. 

  1. By default, the first 8 applications (or APIs) that you monitor will be automatically added to the Plumbr Dashboard. 
  2. You will not have the option to pin/unpin any of the applications (or APIs) to cards.