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JDBC Multi-Queries

The Agent instruments all the JDBC calls which connect to databases via Statement, Prepared Statement and Callable Statement APIs. When a single JDBC statement executed through such APIs will impact user experience, a Slow JDBC Call is detected as the root cause. In situations where many database calls take place during a single transaction and the accumulated duration of such calls is the reason why the transaction is flagged as slow, the multi-query root cause is exposed instead.

In the details of this root cause you will find the offending queries along with the call stacks from the threads executing such queries. To minimize overhead, smart sampling is applied when exposing this data.

The Plumbr Agent monitors every JDBC Type 3 and Type 4 driver detected in the application. This means that Plumbr is able to monitor communication with almost every database vendor exposing the data storage via JDBC, including but not limited to the most widely used MySQL, Oracle, Postgres and IBM DB2 databases.