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JDBC Monitoring

Plumbr Agent monitors every JDBC Type 3 and Type 4 driver detected in the application. The Agent instruments all the JDBC calls which connect to databases via Statement, PreparedStatement and CallableStatement APIs. When a call via such API takes longer than a predetermined threshold, Plumbr creates an Incident, which exposes the JDBC operation executed along with the call stack from the thread executing the query. In such way, you get access to the root cause of expensive JDBC operations down to a single line in source code responsible for executing such queries.

In order to reduce noise and get a prioritized list of expensive database operations, Plumbr groups expensive operations triggered by the same root cause together, allowing you to rank the expensive operations based on the number of times detected.

See an example JDBC incident alert

The support for all JDBC Type 3 & 4 drivers  is available in Plumbr Agent versions starting from 15.08.4435. Previous Plumbr Agent versions supported a limited set of drivers for Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server.

At the moment, Plumbr Agent is not capable of monitoring datasources other than JDBC based. The work of adding support to common NoSQL databases drivers is in progress and if your deployment is in dire need of monitoring a driver from a specific vendor, please contact us by writing to support@plumbr.io.