Status flags

Each user interaction is assigned a status based on the outcome & duration of the interaction. As a result, user interactions can end up in one of the following statuses:

  • Successful. This is the desired status, meaning the end user did not face any errors during the interaction & the interaction completed fast enough for the end user.
  • Failed, indicating that the interaction did not complete as expected due to technical errors. This status is set if at least one of the HTTP requests during the user interaction responded with a 400 or 500 series error code.
  • Slow, indicating that the duration of the interaction exceeds a pre-determined & configurable threshold. The very same threshold is used for Very Slow and Stuck statuses.
  • Very Slow, set to interactions the duration of which exceeds the slow threshold for more than 4x.
  • Stuck, set when the duration of the ongoing interaction exceeds the predetermined slow threshold by more than 100x. In this case Plumbr assumes the transaction will never complete and flags the transaction as Stuck. Plumbr will stop monitoring the stuck transaction after flagging it as such.

Status flags for API calls work similarly.