Integration with Atlassian Jira

Whenever Plumbr detects a new, previously unseen, error in one of the monitored applications, it can automatically create a ticket in Atlassian Jira. In order to enable this, three steps have to be done:

  • Introduce your Jira and Plumbr accounts to each other by installing and configuring the “Plumbr for Jira” app into your Jira instance
  • Configure a new alert channel on your Plumbr account
  • Mark applications or APIs which should send new errors to Jira

Installing “Plumbr for Jira” app into Jira instance

This all starts with opening Jira in your browser (Only Cloud Jira is supported at the moment), selecting “Settings” in the lower left corner and then selecting “Apps”:

You will get to the Atlassian Marketplace where you can find and install the “Plumbr for Jira” app


More information can be found in Atlassian support materials: After installation, the “Plumbr for Jira” app will become available under the “Manage apps” menu item:

Before you can use the app, you need to configure it via the following screen:

All you need to provide is your Plumbr account ID. It can be found on the “Account Settings” page on your Plumbr SaaS or On-Premises account. After providing account id and pressing the “Save” button, you will see a confirmation message that looks like this:

Configure Jira channels

Next, log in to your Plumbr account and head to the Alert Channels page. Click on “Add new Alert Channel” and select Jira from the drop down menu

Fill in the required fields and click on “Add Channel”. You can click on the “Create a test ticket” button to verify that the channel is configured correctly and communication between your Atlassian Jira and Plumbr accounts works as expected.

Application selection

The last step is to select the applications and APIs that should alert you about new errors discovered in them. For this, select an application or API in the Plumbr Server UI, select an “Alerts” item in the left hand menu and then choose the “New Errors” tab:

Now you can select a channel for new alerts and click on “Apply” to confirm your selection.