Improving the service detection

There are known cases where out-of-the-box Plumbr configuration ends up with either services exposed via cryptic names. As a result you would see services similar to the following in Plumbr UI:

Key pressed on “div > list > filter > input#filter” at /user/search

This happens in situations where no human-readable elements were present to use as the identifier on the input field where the user performed the event. As a result of this, Plumbr used a fallback and exposed the DOM tree branch the event took place at. To replace this with a human-readable version, use “aria-label” attribute on such elements, so instead of

<input type="text"/>

you would use

<input type="text" aria-label="Name"/>

After this change, the name of the service will change to Key pressed on “Name” at /user/search for Plumbr. As a side effect, blind people also now have better access to the content of your site, as this is what the aria-label element was originally designed for.