How is Plumbr different?

From troubleshooting tools

Troubleshooting tools such as heap dump analyzers, profilers and GC log visualizers all have their place in a developer’s tool belt. However, such tools have their limitations compared to Plumbr.

Plumbr, compared to troubleshooting tools will:

  1. Link end user impact immediately to root cause
  2. Add minimal overhead being designed for production use
  3. Remove the need for reproducing the problem
  4. Be the only solution for all your performance issues instead of many different tools
  5. Not expose any confidential information from within your application

From APM solutions

APM solutions are good at surfacing the symptoms and measuring the impact of performance problems. Additionally, APM solutions can isolate the failing node from the application topology. This is where they often stop and leave root cause analysis an exercise for their end user.

Plumbr covers the whole performance management process.

  • Discover the performance criteria being violated (ie get alerts when parts of application become slow or fail)
  • Measure the impact to end users (which services and how mane user transactions are impacted?)
  • Link the impact to end users with actual root cause in source code

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