Data backup & restoration

Plumbr Server stores all persistent data in PLUMBR_SERVER_HOME/data folder on the host server running docker containers. We have provided a sample backup script called “” that can be used to preserve the most important data. Just run it periodically (e.g. via cron job) as follows:


./ /my/backup/destination

Please note, that only final aggregated data which is presented in the Plumbr Server UI is preserved. Raw probe data sent by Plumbr Agents as well as all intermediate partially processed data is not backed up.

In order to restore Plumbr Server installation after some disaster or relocation to another server do the following:

  • Install Plumbr Server on new server as described in Plumbr Server Installation Manual
  • Run Plumbr Server and wait for 5 minutes until it creates the required structures, both internally and on the file system in data subfolder
  • Run the provided script “”