Basic Configuration

The following settings are required for the browser agent to run:


accountId Your Plumbr account identifier. This is included in the embed code shown to you in portal. During normal use you do not need to change this.
serverUrl The server to which browser agent sends data to. If you are using on demand Plumbr make sure this value refers to If the agent should connect to on premise Plumbr server make sure it is set accordingly.
appName Set the Application Name of all transactions generated on this page.

Optional Settings:

Cookie Domain – cookieDomain

Choose the domain user & session tracking cookies are set on.

  • true (default) – Sets the cookie as high up as possible (for example on site the cookie will try to cover all of
  • (string value) – Sets the cookie on defined value (for example to only have cookie on subdomain use "")
  • false – Cookies will be limited to current subdomain


<script src="" 
    "accountId": "abcde..",
    "serverUrl": ""
    "cookieDomain": ""