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Browser Agent Configuration

Configuration of the browser agent is done in the data-plumbr attribute of the script tag used to load the agent:

  src="https://browser.plumbr.io/pa.js" crossorigin="anonymous"
    "accountId" : "abcde..", 
    "appName"   : "Marketing site", 

Make sure that the quotes used to define the attribute are being escaped properly. If the settings are generated dynamically, it is recommended to use the backend framework/language methods for JSON and HTML entities encoding. For example, in an EJS template:

<% var plumbrSettings = {
    accountId: "abcde...",
    serviceName: "User's profile"
} %>

<script src="https://browser.plumbr.io/pa.js" data-plumbr="<%= JSON.stringify(plumbrSettings) %>"></script>