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Attaching to Java Web Start

The following guide is dedicated to Java applications launched via Java Web Start (JAWS) framework. When launching your JVM without Java Web Start framework, see the generic guideline for Agent installation.

To monitor JVM launched via Java Web Start, create or alter the startup scripts similar to the following example (Linux and Mac OS X). Make sure the JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS is exported as an environment variable so that the launched JVM will pick up the agent:

export PLUMBR_HOME=/path/to/folder/where/you/installed/plumbr
export JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS="-javaagent:$PLUMBR_HOME/plumbr.jar"
javaws your-jnlp-file.jnlp

After making the changes to the startup scripts, restart the JVM and return to https://app.plumbr.io to verify the JVM is now being monitored by Plumbr.