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Attaching in AWS Elastic Beanstalk environment

First of all you have to add Plumbr Agent into your application’s distribution. For example, if you happen to have a web application packaged as a WAR file, then place the whole “plumbr” folder into WEB-INF/lib folder like this:

my-precious me$jar tf application.war


Then change your Beanstalk environment as follows:

  • Select your environment in Beanstalk management console
  • Select the Configuration tab
  • Select “Software Configuration” section

There is “JVM command line options” input box. You have to add the following text there:


If you use tomcat version other than tomcat8, then change that accordingly, e.g. tomcat7.

Then deploy new version of your application with plumbr folder packaged inside it and everything should work as usual. If you want to change some configuration parameters for Plumbr Agent, then please consult the following materials:

  • Configuring the Agent – https://plumbr.io/support/manual#agent-configuration
  • Identifying the JVM – https://plumbr.io/support/manual#identifying-the-jvm