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Customer journey: On-call engineer

  1. Awareness
  2. Improve
  3. Control
  4. Root cause analysis
  5. Integrate
  6. Predict


Empower your DevOps team with the right tools

Unlock the full power of your DevOps tool chain with Plumbr Real User Monitoring and application performance monitoring. Integrate Plumbr with a wide range of services to get the experience you want.

Stay In The Know.

Keep all stakeholders aware of any violation in operations of your applications.

Extend Alerts to Slack

Enable notifications to the Slack channels frequented by your engineering team.

Enable Real-time ops

Add PagerDuty as an alerting channel to stay notified of any degraded user experience.


Install our Browser or Java Agent and start seeing results in minutes, with no set-up or installation costs.


Take your existing tools to the next level of performance with support for PageryDuty, Prometheus, Nagios and more.


Plumbr can be integrated with email, slack and many other applications to deliver you information in the way you need.

Stay in control with Plumbr Real User Monitoring to get immediate alerts to degrading user experiences.

Next step: Predict