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Customer journey: On-call engineer

  1. Awareness
  2. Improve
  3. Control
  4. Root cause analysis
  5. Integrate
  6. Predict


Make immediate improvements based on impact

Analyse the errors and bottlenecks exposed by Plumbr Real User Monitoring to identify the incidents that are affecting most users. Use distributed traces of all the user interactions throughout the back-end services to uncover and rank the individual impact on your end users:

Improve experience

Prevent user experience from degrading for your users & make APIs more reliable.

Save engineering resources

Optimize your engineering resources and allocate them where needed.

Maintain software quality

Balance quality and release frequency and be aware of when, where, and how applications degrade.

Bespoke recommendations

Our customer success team helps you analyse which bottlenecks will deliver the highest potential gains. With our advice you can be sure your team is working on issues with highest impact.

Error rankings

Prioritise all your errors according to the aggregate impact they have on the end user. Focus on the 3 issues that cause the biggest problems for your users to resolve up to half of your problems.

Search source code

Zoom into the exact source code responsible for errors. Apply patches directly to fix performance issue, and avoiding having to trawl through millions of lines of code and logs.

With Plumbr and informed engineering resources, you could see 30% gains in both availability and performance in just two weeks.

Next step: Stay in control