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Customer journey: On-call engineer

  1. Awareness
  2. Improve
  3. Control
  4. Root cause analysis
  5. Integrate
  6. Predict


Ensure a proactive incident management process

Getting fit is good. Staying fit is better. With Plumbr Real User Monitoring you can guarantee the long term health of your application by eliminating errors and bugs with each new release.

End firefighting

Stay focused on planned work while alleviating stress on on-call teams.

Control releases

Improve the post-release window incident response rate.

Long-term health

Take application performance assurance into the long-term to ensure greater planning.

Powerful alerts

Builds alerts based on clean signals from two really simple metrics: error rate and performance percentiles. Give on-call teams confidence in knowing that alarms are based on user-centric baselines.

Intelligent thresholds

Access historical playback of alerts to see how often and when a particular alert would have been triggered to compare against your incident logs.

Bespoke recommendations

Our customer success team helps you to calibrate the alert thresholds and channels to make sure you get reliable signals where and when you want.