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Improve Incident Management

Give your engineers the information about the if, when, and how to respond to incidents in production. Provide insights that are grounded in SLOs, combined with actionable and insightful with data from your APM tools.

Gain Control From The Start

  • Paging

    Send pages based clear indications of impending SLA violations, making them important and urgent.

  • Adaptive alerting thresholds

    Configure an intelligent threshold to prevent many spurious alerts and false positives.

  • Meaningful alerts

    Get instant info on error rates, most affected services, and the specific errors that impact the most.

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Focus On What Needs To Be Fixed First

  • Balance priorities

    Rank errors in production based on their impact to focus on the most pressing issues.

  • Root cause detection

    Automatically collect stacktraces, to pinpoint the exact root cause of any issue.

  • Implement fixes

    A unified view of the principle metrics allows info to be shared and incidents are resolved quickly.

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Manage Incident Aftermaths

  • Respond to users

    Extract specific user experience information to help customer service teams and speed troubleshooting.

  • Close the feedback loop

    Track resolutions against releases to provide objective feedback to engineers.

  • Post mortems

    Trace the history of users, releases and errors to understand roadmaps to improvement.

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