Real User Monitoring

Understand what your users
are really experiencing.

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Track all user interactions to understand the entire journey

Every user interaction will be captured along with its outcome, duration and metadata.

Expose the entire user journey to understand where and why your users experience issues.

Gain access to relevant metrics

Availability summary

Be aware of how many users face availability issues over how many sessions or user interactions.

Performance summary

Understand how much time poorly performing applications are really wasting for your users.

Gain control over all the errors in the front-end

Make sure no Javascript errors go unnoticed. Understand the impact of every error is having to your users to prioritize the fixes.

Understand the root cause by getting exposure to the environment the error occurred along with the stack trace captured.

Trace the user interactions throughout the back-end

Integrate the real user monitoring with application monitoring to build the distributed trace throughout all the back-end nodes to map bottlenecks or errors in back-end to real user experience.