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Plumbr Java Agent

Plumbr Java Agent
traces the user interaction through every server-side JVM
Install Plumbr and begin tracing


  • Provides end-to-end transparency to the server-side calls serviced by JVMs.
  • Captures the root causes impacting the user experience in server side.
  • Binds the detected root causes to user interaction impacted.
  • Works with any language running on JVM (Java, Scala, Groovy, etc).
  • Requires no code changes to install.
  • Adds minimal performance overhead.
  • Installed in mere minutes.

Integrate in seconds

  1. 1. Start by installing Plumbr Browser Agent to capture real user experience in browser.
  2. 2. Install Plumbr Java Agent only if the server-side of the application is running on Java Virtual Machine(s)s
    • Download & unzip Plumbr Java Agent.
    • Attach Plumbr Java Agent to all JVMs in server-side servicing the web application bt adding the -javaagent:PATH-TO/plumbr.jar to the JVM startup script and restarting the JVM.