Plumbr Browser Agent

Plumbr Browser Agent
measures how your web application responds to user interactions

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  • Plumbr measures every interaction with your application
  • Works with any HTML/JS based web application regardless of the backend (.NET, PHP, Java, …)
  • Collects data automatically, invisible to end users
  • Offers real-time transparency with regard to the user experience
  • Adds minimal performance overhead
  • Can be installed in mere minutes and does not require any configuration

Integrate in seconds

  1. 1 Sign up to get access to 14-day free trial.
  2. 2

    Copy and paste the following script tag to your page.

    <script src=""

    Make sure

    • … you replace plumbrAccountId with your actual account id.
    • … you paste the script in the head tag before any external resources, e.g. other scripts or css files.