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Real-User Monitoring

Trace, replicate and improve the digital experience for your end-users with one tool. Expose their entire customer journey to keep users engaged, interacting and making transactions.


Access all performance, availability and error metrics from a centralized dashboard to understand the user experience. Easily verify any problems your users experience in seconds.


Root-cause detection shows you the exact line of code responsible for front-facing application issues. Impact analysis aggregates all the errors and their impact on users to help you figure out where to focus your fixes.

Why choose Plumbr?

We go beyond normal “root-cause analysis” with a fully fledged “Root-Cause Detection” feature. We can significantly reduce your MTTR by zooming in instantly to the line of code responsible for each error facing your users.


Intelligent alerts tell you about degrading user experiences, complete with actionable information on the total impact and the reason behind it. Customizable thresholds let you set your own level of control, and come with historical playbacks to compare to previous releases.


Integrate with Plumbr Application Performance Monitoring tool to resolve back end issues with distributed traces and gain complete control over all performance and availability issues. Use Plumbr with your entire DevOps tool chain with solutions for PagerDuty, Slack, Nagios and more.

Modern application performance management that matches your modern infrastructure.