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Trace interactions without boundaries

Distributed tracing for your applications built using multiple languages and frameworks. Capture tracing data from across any number of nodes.

Not limited by technology

Transparency in the face of distributed, and dynamic infrastructure. Distributed tracing particularly benefits modern microservices-based architectures because they provide critical visibility. They make a transaction with a user, visible across the bounds of a subsystem or process.

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Installs without effort

While there are many tools in the market that can provide tracing, they add layers of complexity. Engineering teams are pursuing open standards and tooling at the cost of engineering time. Plumbr agents install within minutes and provide complete tracing infrastructure.

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Better telemetry

Improve performance measurements and provide better telemetry to your DevOps teams. Traces collect data from across all the disparities in team composition, languages, frameworks, production infrastructure, and physical locations.

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Diagnostics that run deep

Communicate the results of usage of applications in production, isolate problems, and generally aid in the testing of canary releases and dark launches. Figure out which hop through the call stack contributed to the overall slow response of the system.

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