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Be On Full Alert

Respond instantly when user experience degrades.

Complete situational awareness

Plumbr will make engineers aware of issues on production before users begin to complain. By configuring alerting thresholds independently for each application and service, you can meet SLOs and prevent SLA violations proactively.

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Improved signal quality

Plumbr triggers alerts based on the impact (and not by the cause). This means an improved signal-to-noise ratio for alerting. This will help ensure that on-call teams never sleep through issues impacting real users. There is reduced alert fatigue because of never-ending false positives. Ultimately, this increases productivity and reduces toil greatly.

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Meaningful alerting

No one can deny that if users are affected beyond certain levels, engineers must take note and begin investigating for fixes. Whether the root cause may be database issues, CPU provisioning, scaling policy on the PaaS, or a 3-rd party infrastructure failure – if users are affected adversely, it is reasonable to alert engineers.

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More than just the sum of parts

Plumbr integrates with Slack, PagerDuty and email alerting channels where you can configure alerts to be sent whenever the user experience degrades below tolerable thresholds. Integrate into your existing incident management workflows with ease. Enrich all your current data scraping tools with RUM and APM data.

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