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Plumbr Features

Trace all API calls through Java, Python, PHP and nginx back-ends. Map detected errors and performance bottlenecks back to user experience.

Adaptive Alerting

Respond instantly to latency, availability and throughput anomalies by sending alerts to Slack, PagerDuty or other channels.

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Distributed Traces

Capture tracing data across any number of nodes, running applications built using Java, PHP, Python, nginx or other technologies. Use this information to discover, verify and incidents.

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Root Cause Detection

Cut troubleshooting time, zoom right into the portions of the source code that are responsible for each and every incident.

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Intelligent Dashboards

Maintain transparency across your entire portfolio by pinning all your key applications and APIs on a single dashboard. Expose all the information and metrics that matter to your team.

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Impact Analysis

Balance between existing priorities and new incidents. Make sure you are fixing the right things. Rank each error according the total impact on end-users to fix what matters most.

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Ease Of Use

Install Plumbr agents in minutes, start collecting data immediately, and integrate with all your existing DevOps processes and tools. Start using Plumbr with PagerDuty, Zabbix, Slack, and more today.

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Automated and intuitive features to take your devops team to the next level

Enable DevOps

Strike a balance between existing priorities and new incidents, and get governance over fixing the right things.

Unlock Cloud Benefits

Install the agents in minutes, start collecting data immediately and integrate with all your DevOps tools