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Verify Incidents Efficiently

Prevent your engineers from going down rabbit-holes when investigating incidents and troubleshooting for root causes. Skyrocket their efficiency with complete situational awareness.

Recreate User Journeys

Use data collected from the clients and runtimes to recreate user journeys as interactions span different nodes. Using this information, pinpoint the exact places where applications are either broken or adding too much latency.

Automatic Root-cause Detection

Spend close to zero time in looking for root causes when investigating incidents. Zoom right down to the source-code that is causing applications to break or respond slowly, allowing engineers to jump straight into fixing applications.

Distributed Traces

Get transparency by splitting a single interaction into multiple spans that show every node that a request interacts with. In addition, keep track of the outcome and duration of each span, which exposes the behaviour of the application.

Streamline Communication

Share relevant monitoring data across all the teams and facilitate the right communication during on-call rotations. Keep everyone on the same page, whether they are users, user-facing teams, executive stakeholders, or engineers.

Modern application performance management that matches your modern infrastructure.