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Proactive Application Performance

Guarantee the long-term health of your application with intelligent insights extracted from APM data using Plumbr. Fix problems before your customers report them to you.

Become Aware Of New Bugs

Inform your engineers every time a new bug manifests in production. Allow them to understand the impact of every issue. Use our monthly reports to see how many have been fixed and the impact of these fixes.

Constantly Update Your Baseline

Update the latency and availability baseline of applications by knowing what fixes have been rolled out to production and how much the engineering efforts have helped alleviate poor performance for users.

Complete Situational Awareness

Enable your engineers to make the right decisions when it comes to addressing new incidents. Provide them all the data that they need to be able to decide if, when, and how to fix issues that arise.

Capture SLO violations

Setting service-level objectives for availability and latency is an excellent means to highlight degradation in user experience. Use error rates and percentiles to set threshold to know of poor performance ahead of time.

Modern application performance management that matches your modern infrastructure.