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Fix Applications Fast

Provide full visibility into performance and availability issues for your engineers. Enable them to restore applications and maintain normal operations throughout.

Observe Releases And Incidents

Go beyond simply releasing fast to ensuring that all the software released by engineers are performing at acceptable levels of quality. Make best use of transparency into production by observing the behaviour of applications.

Root-Cause Detection

Use the root-cause exposed by Plumbr to establish causation for incidents. To support further claims of poor performance affecting other business outcomes, establish a system of correlation between technical and business KPIs.

Impact Analysis

Equip engineers with the impact of each issue. Help engineers then decide which ones to fix by balancing impact against the estimated cost of fixing the issues, thus enabling them to make objective decisions about their work.

Build Features That Work

Rather than simply build and deliver features, elevate your engineers to the point where they are observing their releases in production and ensuring that the features they deliver actually work.

Modern application performance management that matches your modern infrastructure.