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Incident Discovery And Awareness

Discover everything about incidents in one go! Converged monitoring, thanks to Plumbr, will help you get insights into all kinds of production problems with a single tool.

Intelligent Alerts

Inform engineers immediately when applications break for users. Empower engineers with slack notifications or emails information on what went wrong, how many people were affected and the code responsible for the incident.

Signals, Not Noise

Design an alerting policy that keeps you informed about any violations in service-level objectives. Manage these incidents easily using existing workflows or create new ones using Plumbr.

Latency Monitoring

Throw light on applications when latency increases. Keep engineers informed when applications respond slowly to requests. Monitor the percentiles to keep tabs on median and tail-end latencies to know exactly how applications behave.

Intelligent Thresholds

Utilize the multi-dimensional alerting policies built into Plumbr for making alerting thresholds meaningful. Alter the thresholds to keep up with a changing baseline and configure them using granular adjustments available.

Modern application performance management that matches your modern infrastructure.