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Application Performance Monitoring

APM with built-in tracing for API calls through Java, Python, PHP and nginx back-ends.

Discover Issues

Improve awareness for engineers who are on-call and help them troubleshoot incidents with ease.

Make your incident management workflows more effective with application performance data.

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Verify Incidents

Take advantage of playback and timelines to track performance and availability trends of applications.

Use information about individual users to uncover the interactions that failed or underperformed.

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Fix Applications

Use root cause detection for instant identification and begin troubleshooting with minimum dwell time.

Leverage distributed traces to identify faulty nodes when using distributed or microservice architecture.

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Respond Proactively

Spot errors in production before users do by closing the feedback loop for engineers.

Alerting that helps you observe availability and performance of applications in production.

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Modern application performance management that matches your modern infrastructure.