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Plumbr launches End User Monitoring product that automatically links application performance incidents to errors in source code

October 8, 2015 by Ivo Mägi

Plumbr today launched an Application Performance Management product that automatically reports which technical errors are the root cause for end-user impacting performance incidents. With this release Plumbr becomes the only monitoring solution that not only detects performance incidents, but also links them to technical errors in source code that cause them. This approach improves the SLA of business critical Java-based applications and decreases Mean Time To Resolve for detected performance problems by 75%.

“In hindsight, the concept of automatically linking technical errors to service level incidents feels like the most natural thing in the world,” said Priit Potter, co-founder and CEO of Plumbr. “The hardest part of increasing the service level of production applications is separating critical code errors from the less impacting ones and ensuring adequate and fast remediation. Plumbr does both, automatically and in real time. We are happy to have cracked the technical challenges and are excited to pioneer the solution on the market.”

The product works by monitoring the performance of different services of the application (e.g. login, confirm payment, open list of payments, etc). When the whole application or any of the services become slow or non-responsive, Plumbr sends an alert by e-mail or via any of the integrated services. The alert contains a link to the technical error that causes the problem. Plumbr root cause report allows engineers to quickly fix the problem and rids them of the need to reproduce and analyze it in more detail.

In the long run Plumbr aims to make manual troubleshooting obsolete and completely free engineers from low productivity activities of fixing a broken system. “I am convinced that one day there will be no slow IT services any more. Every business will be able to afford tools that automatically adapt their applications to increased usage, and which find and fix programmer errors that might  cause the application to fail in production circumstances,” said Mr. Potter. “Plumbr has taken an important step towards that future and proved that it’s not a mere fantasy any more.”

As of today, the new feature will be available to all paying customers, as well as to everyone who join’s Plumbr’s 14-day trial program.

About Plumbr

Plumbr is the only java performance monitoring solutions that automatically detects the root causes of performance issues. The company was started in 2011 and has offices in Estonia and Boston, MA. Plumbr customers monitor business critical Java applications globally and include NASA, Dell, VMware, EMC Corporation, and others. Learn more at https://plumbr.io.

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Enquiries: Mr Priit Potter, Co-founder and CEO, priit.potter@plumbr.io


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