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Plumbr releases a feature that automatically detects performance issues in every sixth Java application

December 12, 2014 by Ivo Mägi

Plumbr, a Java performance monitoring solution, released today its new feature – Locked Thread Detection. The product significantly changes the understanding of how to solve performance issues of different applications (e.g. internet banks, online stores and CRM-s). Plumbr’s solution helps to prevent unsatisfactory end-user experience by automatically detecting the root cause of performance problems long before these start to affect the end-user. The new feature detects the performance issue more than 70 times faster, saving weeks or even months of man hours.

“If the manager of some online store, internet bank or self-service could write a letter to Santa, I am convinced they would wish to have Plumbr,” says Priit Potter joking, the co-founder and CEO of Plumbr. Plumbr eliminates the need to manually detect the root cause of why the end-users can’t buy items from the online shop or make money transfers, saving IT operations teams on average two weeks per performance problem. “Faster and more stable service makes a big difference in e-commerce, because every lost second could mean a lost customer,” Potter added.  According to Plumbr’s data, its clients have saved millions of dollars in man hours, infrastructure cost and additional revenue when using Plumbr.

According to Plumbr’s survey, 16% of different Java-based applications (e.g. banks, online stores and CRM-s) are suffering from locked threads. The end-user experiences locked threads problem as slow performing applications or webpages. Locked threads and other performance issues get attention usually only after the end-user is affected – 82% of the cases, the issue at hand impacted end users in production.

Compared to other Java performance monitoring solutions Plumbr is the only one that automatically detects the root causes of performance issues. It doesn’t tell you that your Java app is running out of memory. It gives you the 10 lines of new code you need to copy-paste to your code base to make the issue go away. The new feature answers the requests of developers and IT operations engineers. Out of 500 Java applications that Plumbr studied, 80 applications were suffering from locked threads.

Locked Thread Detection is the third feature Plumbr has launched since it was founded in 2011. Plumbr also detects memory leaks and inefficient Garbage Collection behavior, locating the specific line of code or error in configuration that is causing the problem in your application and equips you with a step-by-step solution for the fix. Plumbr has already more than 100 customers from all over the world including NASA, NATO, Dell, HBO, Experian and EMC Corporation.

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