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The first solution when facing the OutOfMemoryError due to Metaspace should be obvious. If the application exhausts the Metaspace area in the memory you should increase the size of Metaspace. Alter your application launch configuration and increase the following:


The above configuration example tells the JVM that Metaspace is allowed to grow up to 512 MB before it can start complaining in the form of OutOfMemoryError.

Another solution is even simpler at first sight. You can remove the limit on Metaspace size altogether by deleting this parameter. But pay attention to the fact that by doing so you can introduce heavy swapping and/or reach native allocation failures instead.

Before calling it a night though, be warned – more often than not it can happen that by using the above recommended “quick fixes” you end up masking the symptoms by hiding the java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Metaspace and not tackling the underlying problem. If your application leaks memory or just loads something unreasonable into Metaspace the above solution will not actually improve anything, it will just postpone the problem.