Making PHP applications perf-ect!

Introducing Plumbr monitoring for PHP applications. Request access to the monitoring agent via the Plumbr PHP Pilot Program.

Request Access

We invite you to participate in the Plumbr PHP Pilot Program. Plumbr is currently monitoring thousands of deployments around the world. After perfecting Java monitoring and JVM instrumentation, we’re happy to announce the launch of our PHP agent.

With Plumbr agents, you get visibility into:

  • What your users actually experience
  • What degrades their experience most

Additionally, Plumbr agents help you:

  • Zero in on the node where errors originate
  • Identify endpoints which caused most idle time
  • Help you identify issues specific to databases, caching, and other optimizations

Plumbr provides a unified view of the performance and availability characteristics about different parts that make up your applications

Plumbr monitoring works independently of the PHP framework you employ.

symfony laravel zend codeigniter yii framework cakephp wordpress drupal joomla magento phpbb

Visualize your distributed architecture in real-time.

Plumbr’s Runtime Application Architecture allows you to get a complete view of your applications and services.