Intelligent PHP Monitoring

Error and performance monitoring for PHP applications. Gain free and full access to Plumbr features for 28 days in our PHP pilot program.

Plumbr APM and RUM tools work in your PHP environment too. Attach it to any PHP-FPM or Apache installation, and in minutes Plumbr will start monitoring your application to alert you to errors and performance problems.

Improve performance and identify errors

  • Identify erroneous and slow endpoints and their underlying root cause.
  • Detect slow SQL queries bottlenecking your application.
  • Get detailed performance metrics for your application endpoints.

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Take advantage of Plumbr Real User Monitoring

  • Respond immediately with intelligent alerts that tell you what problems users face and why.
  • Trace errors and bottlenecks throughout your distributed system to exact lines of code.
  • Integrate with your DevOps toolchain to build a holistic view of your application health and user experience.

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Guarantee the long-term health of your application

  • Receive monthly application health reports to help your engineering team assign resources.
  • Configure your alerts based on your applications performance reality to help reduce toil.
  • Visualize your distributed application architecture.

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Plumbr is currently monitoring thousands of JVM deployments worldwide and we now offer support for all PHP frameworks. Access our pilot for free for 28 days to improve your performance and reduce errors.

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