Objective evidence at your fingertips.

Ease troubleshooting and incident management for engineers who’re on-call.

Lower MTTR.

Cut down on time to resolution thanks to immediately being zoomed in to the source of the problem. No more lengthy troubleshooting or reproducing sessions! For every error or bottleneck, get exposure to the parts of the source code where the wait occurred, enriched with metadata specific to the issue.

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Zoom right into the issue.

Every failure or bottleneck is traced to its origin within source code. All incidents get mapped to specific errors, exposing a list of unique errors ranked by their impact. Your team will no longer make decisions on what to investigate or fix based on rumors. Better yet, we zoom you right into the source code causing the issues.

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Historic timelines and playback.

When working with availability and performance issues, Plumbr offers a ‘playback’. Using this, you can check historic behaviour of your application with monitoring data from the past. Playback is helpful in calibrating and configuring alerting, and understanding application behaviour over time.

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