Install, Use, and Integrate In Minutes

Attach our agents, start collecting data to improve your app, and integrate with your DevOps workflow all in minimum time.

Installs along with infrastructure

Plumbr agents install during the build process along with other infrastructure-as-code elements. Install the browser agents and API in just minutes to start collecting actionable and meaningful data on your application health.

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Link to existing DevOps toolchains

Include Plumbr data within your existing DevOps workflows. Integrate Plumbr along your DevOps chain with support for popular tools like Slack, Pagerduty, Prometheus, Nagios and more. Complete extensibility, with the Plumbr API, is available for bespoke integrations.

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Intuitive and easy to use

Utilize dashboards to monitor all of your microservices and pin important applications to your home screen. See a holistic view of application health, user experience, errors collected and releases made with just a few clicks. Share monitoring insights with your entire team.

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Gain control, and stay in control!