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Accelerate DevOps

One of the often-overlooked aspects of DevOps is monitoring. No, not the {“status”: “UP”} health check. Devops engineers need tools such as real user monitoring exposing how many customers clicked “buy” but faced an error instead. On-call engineers should be understanding for how long your users waited for their browser to download 2 megabytes of JavaScript after each redeploy. With Plumbr, such insights are added your devops incident response flows.

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Besides releasing fast, devops is all about immediate awareness on production issues

According to our research, the more obscure bugs take days, or sometimes weeks, before starting to affect users. It may then take an extra several days before the incident is raised for the devops team. With Plumbr, your on-call engineers can be alerted of such issues as soon as first user is impacted.

Evidence-based incident resolution flags in your devops flows

Plumbr will clearly expose the impact of each individual error over time. As a result, you have objective evidence on whether or not the patch shipped throughout your continuous delivery process worked. Periodic reporting on new and resolved incidents will support this approach.

Integrate with your existing DevOps monitoring tools

Enrich your existing monitoring dashboards with insights exposing the real user experience. How many carts were checked out in the last 24 hours? Are there any users who cannot log in? Plumbr will add such intelligent insights to streamline your incident response processes.

Intelligently trace errors and bottlenecks throughout your distributed system

Plumbr will assemble distributed traces through your entire microservices-based distributed application. As a result, your on-call devops team will get exposure to the root causes of errors and bottlenecks down to the line in the source code.

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