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Intelligent DevOps Monitoring

Plumbr puts application performance monitoring and real-user monitoring at the heart of your DevOps tool chain. Gain real-user insights to improve application performance and optimize your incident response flows.

Respond immediately to intelligent alerts

  • Discover production issues before your clients do by identifying slow pages and failed user interactions in real-time.
  • Send alerts that actually mean something by revealing whether it’s user-centric and the line of code causing the problem.
  • Reduce false alerts and optimize your engineering resources by separating signals from noise and improving triage processes.

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Trace errors and bottlenecks

  • Assemble distributed traces throughout your entire microservices based distributed application.
  • Drill down to the root cause of errors and bottlenecks to specific lines of code.
  • Find out how exactly how many failures and how much wasted time each error is responsible for.

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Integrate with your DevOps toolchain

  • Add intelligent insights to your monitoring dashboards to streamline incident response processes.
  • Develop a holistic idea of your app’s health and customer experience to see how many carts are being checked out and who can’t log in.
  • Take advantage of multiple framework support and agents to enhance tools like PagerDuty or Prometheus.

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Guarantee the long-term health of your application

  • Receive monthly application health reports to help your engineering team monitor progress.
  • Configure your alerts based on your application performance and help reduce toil.
  • Visualize your distributed application architecture in real-time.

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