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Do you get a panic attack every time you get alerts from production?

The common reason for this is uncertainty. You don’t know what the impact is, or how long will it take to resolve the issue. What you need to eliminate this stress are fast and clear answers.

Not all problems are equally important.

Whenever you get an alert about a production incident, Plumbr will immediately show you which service and how many customers are affected. This allows you to prioritize the incident based on evidence. Or just ignore smaller problems and go back to sleep.

Plumbr will also enable you to see exactly which part of the system is affected.

Eliminate finger pointing by instantly exposing the location of the root cause of the problem. No hot-potato games! The responsible team can start fixing the problem right away.

Sherlock Holmes is awesome!

But engineers cannot be like him. So stop wasting their precious time by making them look for clues. By using Plumbr root cause analysis they can jump directly to what they do best: solving a clearly defined problem.

Know exactly when everything is back to normal. Verify the solution by clearly demonstrating that the original problem has disappeared.

Stop stressing! Try plumbr And be in control.

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