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Product evangelist

Evangelism comes from the greek word ευαγγέλιον which can roughly be translated as “bringing the good news”. This is what you will be doing in this role – creating and spreading the good news about how certain problems will be solved if our products are adopted.

To give you an idea of what this is all about – companies deploying Plumbr products end up making their incident and problem management processes 10x more efficient. However, the gains materialize only if the companies integrate the information exposed by our product into their existing processes. You will spread the knowledge of what and how our customers gain when adopting the change we are introducing in order to motivate them to make the change.

Your work

You will be working together with our sales, customer success, product and marketing teams by

  • Building the story of how different stakeholders gain from successful Plumbr adoption with the help of our product.
  • Packaging the story in different formats (website, sales collateral, conference talks) in order to enable our sales close new customers efficiently
  • Verifying our story using the case studies from successful Plumbr deployments in cooperation with our customer success
  • Verifying the story against different personas via different channels with the help of marketing
  • Distributing our story via different channels/mediums.
  • Building and engaging the community around the story created.

As a result, you will be planting a lot of mental seeds. Sprouts from those seeds will inspire people to work differently.

What do we expect from you?

  • Desire to create, verify and tell a compelling story to the world.
  • Strong market knowledge. You are familiar with how companies manage their IT departments and are aware of the processes & methodologies used.
  • 5+ years of experience in either of the following: product advocacy/evangelism, developer relations, software development or IT operations.
  • Previous experience in content creation and / or public speaking.
  • Willingness to temporarily locate to Estonia for the first two months. Working remotely from anywhere in the world between UTC-5 and UTC+4 timezones is OK.
  • Willingness to travel at least 40 days a year.

What can you expect from us?

  • Salary matching your experience and skill set
  • Stock option package
  • 28d paid vacation per year
  • Possibility to build a personal brand around a compelling story
  • Freedom in your day-to-day work coupled with strong support in strategic levels

What is this Plumbr anyway?

Our mission is to help our customers to deliver faster and more reliable software to their end users.

We do this by monitoring the real user experience of our customer’s software with our products. Our products capture information about the bottlenecks and errors their end users are experiencing. Integrating this information to the customer processes enables our customers to improve the digital user experience and cut the costs on maintenance.


If you do see yourself fit for the challenge, drop us an email sharing your background and let’s take it from there. We expect to hear from you before August 15, 2018 to move on to the interview round and start working together during September, 2018.