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Product Engineering: Browser Agent

Browser team is looking for an engineer. Browser team in Plumbr is responsible for development of the Browser agent (JS library for monitoring browser performance). Day-to-day responsibilities of a team member include shipping reliable and performant JS code that doesn’t blow up user’s browser and keeping it up to date with new browser APIs. Browser team also takes care of developing user interfaces used by our customers (we’ve got designers to make it look good), developing internal & research tools for improving our product, doing browser performance related research and data mining.

What we expect from you

  • 3+ years of experience with JavaScript development.
  • Passion for frontend browser technologies – you keep up to date with what’s going on in the next ecmascript specification, but also with how to polyfill them for IE.
  • Ability to perform research without much guidance.
  • Familiarity with native JS and browser APIs. Your only experience with JS is not just using jQuery.
  • You don’t faint when you read others'(ancient) code encountered in the wild.
  • Some experience working across the stack.
  • You already live in Estonia and you live in/ready to relocate to Tartu.

Bonus points

  • Good github/bitbucket/… profile
  • Terms like performance APIs, MutationObserver, PerformanceObserver, monkey patching ring a bell
  • Familiarity with different front-end frameworks (like Angular, React, Vue, etc)
  • Ability to stay sane while debugging minified code and obscure libraries
  • You don’t flip your table or ragequit when you have to spend a day to work around some old library overwriting specification functions with broken implementations #smooshgate.
  • Have used node.js for simple REST services/data processing
  • Tolerance for skype when dealing with sales people (Don’t worry, engineering uses Slack. We’re not animals.)
  • Tolerance for Atlassian products.

What we offer

  • Actual product development, ability to make your own decisions and decide which tools/frameworks etc. to use and where the browser part of the product should be heading.
  • Endless amount of complex technical challenges.
  • Small team and fun work environment. Flexible working hours. No time clocking and minimal micromanagement by pointy haired bosses. Few hard deadlines and generally low stress.
  • An opportunity to be a part of a team that builds one of the most technically advanced real user monitoring offerings out there. Millions of people benefit from our product every day.
  • A chance to deep dive into browser internals and use APIs that you generally don’t even come to contact with.
  • IE and Safari Developers mental health support group where we hold hands and contemplate the sad state of the world.
  • Competitive salary, top-notch tools (both soft- and hardware)
  • Stock option package
  • Guaranteed budget for self-improvement (Conference visits, learning courses), regular hackathons and internal seminars, (enter season)days and team events.
  • Kitchen full of beverages and other goodies.
  • Advanced dank meme research group with dedicated slack chatroom.
  • Offices in modern buildings in Tartu and Tallinn

If you do see yourself fit for the challenge ahead, drop us an email sharing your background and lets take it from there. We expect to hear from you before August 1, 2018 to move on to the interview round and start working together during September.