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Plumbr builds B2B software products on top of truly amazing innovation. With Plumbr, getting an overview of user experience and fixing performance problems in Java applications has never been easier. Lethal bugs that usually take weeks – or even months! – to track down are suddenly easy and motivating to solve and this makes all the difference in the world for end user experience.

The company was founded in the end of 2011 and is located in Estonia. We are backed by a seven-digit seed round and our current customer base includes large and small companies, including Dell, HBO, TeliaSonera, NASA, and many others.

Our team of 20 is looking for people who can help us fulfill our vision. Currently we have the following opening:

  • Infrastructure painkiller – you main goal is to free developers from inevitable interruptions caused by infrastructure hiccups. You will help developers to build automatic pipeline to deliver code as fast and as reliable as possible to the production. Keeping our production systems up and running will require very few manual human intervention after you harnessed it and augmented with any means necessary to make it fault-tolerant and, may be, even self healing. You can improve our Jenkins jobs throughput, keep an eye on our Kafka cluster latency and rollout zero-downtime version upgrade to our cluster of Docker and Spring Boot based applications.

If the above description sounds like a motivating challenge, drop us an email and let’s see if we are a good match!