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Plumbr integrates with many tools that are part of the DevOps toolchain. Amplify the value of your individual tools by including data and information from Plumbr APIs.

Post information to your planning tools

The Plumbr API is capable of pushing information about new errors that are observed on your production systems directly to your planning software. Whether you use Trello boards, Jira, Asana, or any other tools to plan sprints, Plumbr can create tasks for your team.

Get notified of user experience degradation

With real user monitoring data from Plumbr, you can amplify the value of any processes and tools. When the experience degrades for users, avail Plumbr alerts or add them to your existing workflows or processes. you can be notified using PagerDuty, Zabbix, Prometheus, or any other alerting tools you may have in place.

Stay In The Know.

Keep all stakeholders aware of any violation in operations of your applications.

Extend Alerts to Slack

Enable notifications to the Slack channels frequented by your engineering team.

Enable Real-time ops

Add PagerDuty as an alerting channel to stay notified of any degraded user experience.

Correlate metrics with monitoring data

Extract real user monitoring data about your applications and visualize them alongside your existing monitoring stack. Aggregate the user experience metrics and technical conditions of your applications with telemetry from infrastructure monitoring, application monitoring, and logs.

Using Plumbr with Zabbix

Aggregate metrics, incident detection, and remediation made better with Plumbr data.

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Using Plumbr with Nagios

Collect relevant metrics and use Nagios to display or alert with other monitoring data.

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Using Plumbr with Prometheus

Scrape real user metrics with our Prometheus exporter and visualize as a time-series.

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Sample code

Reimagine the world of DevOps monitoring

You are at liberty to customize the Plumbr experience to fit in your exact needs. Join a large community of developers who use Plumbr to improve the on-call experience, tailor the use of real user monitoring data, and do many more things.

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